Water4Life Mozambique Board and Drilling Team

The team works hard to make clean, safe drinking water possible.

Arnie & Joann Eastburn Co-Founders

Arnie Eastburn & Joann Eastburn


President/CEO Arnie Eastburn oversees operations for Water4Life Mozambique (W4LMoz) in the U.S. and Mozambique, along with the help and support from his wife, Joann Eastburn. The W4LMoz board members and the Mozambique team are crucial in carrying out various day-to-day details. The board members cover all of their own operational costs, so that 100% of donations go toward drilling water wells in Mozambique.

Before Water4Life Mozambique, Arnie was a successful entrepreneur, starting and building businesses in human resource and business service industries. In 2002, a mission trip to Mozambique, Africa, dramatically changed his life’s trajectory. God began to create in him a passion for missions. Since that time, Arnie has led over 40 mission teams to Mozambique. His international experience includes leading mission teams to 13 countries. But, no matter where he was in the world, his heart and passion have always returned to Mozambique.

Aa avid photographer, videographer and speaker, Arnie does photoshoots on location in Mozambique, including drones, to capture footage that he uses to do fundraising. To say that he is passionate about the people of Mozambique — and providing clean, safe water to Mozambique’s impoverished people — would be an understatement.

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Latim Rendição Nherrezonanda Director of Operations

Latim Rendição Nherrezonanda

Director of Operations, Water4Life Mozambique

Latim Rendição Nherezananda was born in the Gondola district of the province of Manica on April 3, 1961. At 63, he is a dedicated husband and father of two sons and a daughter. Latim's rich educational background and professional journey have equipped him with the expertise and passion to drive Water4Life Mozambique's mission forward.

Latim's academic journey began at a primary school in Gondola and continued at Joaquim Marra Secondary School in Chimoio. He furthered his studies at the Factory's Academy at Sächsische Zellwolle Plauen/i. Volgtl. is in former East Germany and specializes in synthetic fibers chemistry. Latim holds a BA in Arts and Theology with Honors in Mission, an MA in Divinity, and an LMC certificate, all of which have significantly contributed to his professional expertise and leadership abilities.

Professionally, Latim has an extensive background in the chemical industry, having worked with companies such as Sächsische Zellwolle Plauen, Kunst Seiden Pirna, and Filmfabrik Wolfen in East Germany. His diverse experience has given him a unique perspective and skill set that he now applies to his work in Mozambique.

Currently, Latim serves as a local church pastor at the Wesleyan Church in Mozambique and as Professor and Academic Dean at Xai Xai Bible College. His commitment to education and spiritual leadership complements his role as the Director of Operations at Water4Life Mozambique, where he has been instrumental in advancing the organization's mission to provide clean and safe water to communities in need.

Latim's leadership and technical and theological expertise have been pivotal in successfully implementing and sustaining water projects across numerous villages, Churches, and schools in Zambezia, Mozambique. His empathetic approach and deep understanding of the local communities have fostered strong relationships and trust, ensuring that each project meets immediate water needs and promotes long-term sustainability and community empowerment.

In his free time, Latim enjoys exploring the natural beauty of Mozambique, engaging in local cultural activities, and spending quality time with his family. His unwavering dedication to improving the lives of others continues to inspire the team at Water4Life Mozambique and the communities they serve.

Board of Directors

Arnie Eastburn, President/CEO
Joann Eastburn
Craig Esterly
Rexford K. Koch
Robert (Bob) Lehman, Chairman
Carol Lehman
R.J. McConnell
Karla McConnell
Dwight Ott
Gloria Ott
John Wallace
Margot Wallace
Ralph Williams

Mozambique Team

Latim Rendiceo Nherrezonanda, In-Country Director
Dr. Ruth Rendiceo, In-Country Accountant.
Antonio Saide Fernando, Zambezia Well Drilling Team Director
Bernacio Pedro Nove, Public Relations & Promotion
Moises Mesa Quembo, Machine Operator
Artur Filipe Sacur, Accounting
Levi Dos Santos, Mason Master

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