About Arnie Eastburn

About Arnie Eastburn
Arnie Eastburn

Transforming Lives, One Well at a Time:
Join Arnie Eastburn in Quenching Mozambique's Thirst for Clean Water

In Mozambique, Arnie Eastburn is leading a transformative movement in health and hope through the innovative non-profit Water4Life Mozambique. The organization, which is based on Arnie’s entrepreneurial expertise and deepseated dedication to humanitarian efforts, is dedicated to combating water scarcity for the nation's most at-risk populations. Arnie has devoted his expertise to ensuring access to  clean, safe drinking water, transforming the lives of thousands who previously relied on dirty, contaminated water sources.

Supported by a committed team of 12 professional board members, Arnie oversees the organization’s diverse and complex operations, ensuring Water4Life Mozambique achieves its mission to its fullest potential.

Their journey has led to the creation of 337 life-giving wells across Zambezia, directly improving the lives of over 404,000 people. This monumental effort has not only provided communities with reliable access to clean drinking water but also sparked remarkable health improvements, especially among children. The initiative is a beacon of hope, promising a brighter, healthier future to everyone it touches.

Join us in supporting this sustainable vision to make a tangible difference in Mozambique. Together, we can build on this foundation of hope and transformation, one well at a time. Your support means more clean water, health, and life for thousands. Be a part of this life-changing mission today!

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