Help build a water wellToday you can help make a difference. . . as you donate to our next village water well!
Give the gift of clean, safe drinking water!

Each water well costs $6,900 to drill. Help us drill the next village water wells to provide clean, safe drinking water for approximately 1,200 men, women, and children.

Imagine homes without running water, relying on bottled water instead of refreshing showers. Envision parched lawns where sprinklers once ran, and dirty water from your water cooler. This water image is scary in the US, but it is a reality in Mozambique, Africa. Water scarcity is a reality for most communities in Mozambique.

You can make a difference by donating today, to help support our efforts to improve water infrastructure, by drilling water wells in villages in Mozambique.

As of the end of 2023, we have provided 337 villages with clean, safe drinking water!

Help us with the next well by donating today. Help us reach our 2024 goals.

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Fresh water drilling

Transform Lives with the Gift of Clean Drinking Water

Imagine a world where this is the first time someone tastes clean drinking water.

This is the reality you can create.

By providing clean water wells, you're giving more than just a natural resource – you're giving girls the chance to get an education, families the freedom from waterborne illness, and entire communities a brighter, healthier future.

Here's the impact you can make:

Empowering Women: Girls and moms no longer have to spend hours fetching water, allowing them to attend school and pursue their dreams.
Improved Health: Clean water reduces the risk of waterborne illnesses, keeping children healthy and in school.
Sustainable Change: Each water well serves approximately 1,200 people, bringing lasting transformation to rural villages in Mozambique.

Because of donors like you, 393,600 people, already have access to clean, safe drinking water!

Give a Gift that Lasts - Donate Today!

Your contribution brings more than just clean water - it brings health, education, and a brighter future. Donate today and witness the power of change!

Mozambique is the 2nd poorest in the world

Why Mozambique?

Mozambique ranks as the world’s 2nd poorest country. Clean water is a basic human need, but without drilled water wells in their villages, women and girls are destined to walk all day, every day, all of their lives, to fetch the only drinking water they can find. Often all they find is dirty, contaminated water, that must suffice for their families’ daily water needs.

Drilling Water Wells in Mozambique with Rotary
Dwight (L), W4LMoz board member and Rotarian, experienced first-hand how clean water improves lives… Latim (C) is assistant/interpreter to Arnie (R), and Latim is also a Rotarian in the Maputo, Mozambique, Rotary Club.

How, Where, and When

How we decide what villages to drill in next

  • Our In-Country Director is Latim Rendiceo Nherrezonanda. Requests for new water wells come to him.

  • Latim goes out to the village and together they fill out an application.

  • Information gathered includes GPS location, number of people, number of homes, distance from a dirty water source and a clean water source. Based on the urgency of their need and the proximity of other villages nearby that also need a well, the village goes into a queue for the next water wells to be drilled, when funds are available.

We drill on community, village, and school properties

  • Each village has a Water Well Committee chosen from members of the village community. Those members are individuals who can be counted on to take their responsibility seriously. They are trained on the parts of the pump and how to repair it. Repair supplies are left with the committee and they can contact the Water4Life Mozambique in-country assistant, if their water well needs help.
  • It is our intent to put the local community leaders in the position to supply clean, safe drinking water (precious liquid) to their community.
  • This approach works for many reasons. Because the local community and church members are the entity offering clean water, it results in villagers having goodwill, with the result that they are very interested in hearing the Good News about Jesus, our Savior.

Fresh water well in MozambiqueWe drill when funds are available

  • Drilling is being done all year long, as funds are available.

  • 100% of donations given for water wells, go to drill new water wells.

  • All of Water4LifeMozambique overhead expenses are covered by our Board of Directors.

Your gift will change their lives!

Every child deserves clean water to drink. As you see in the picture, the young girl has a pencil in her mouth as she is one of the lucky ones that can go to school each day!  No more long, dangerous walks fetching dirty water. With a water well in their village, girls remain safe. They'll get an education!  Clean water changes everything!

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Casilda’s Village Needs Clean drinking water

Real Life in Mozambique

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