100% of donations
goes to drill water wells
that provide:

Clean. Safe. Drinking. Water.

drilling in rural villages of Mozambique, Africa.

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President/CEO Arnie Eastburn oversees operations for Water4Life Mozambique (W4LMoz) in the U.S. and Mozambique. Board Members and the Mozambique team are crucial in carrying out various day-to-day details. See their names and titles below this bio.

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Before Water4Life Mozambique, Arnie was a successful entrepreneur, starting and building businesses in human resource/business services industries. In 2002, a mission trip to Mozambique, Africa, dramatically changed his life’s trajectory. God began to create in him a passion for missions. Since that time, Arnie has led over 40 mission teams to Mozambique.  His international experience includes leading mission teams to 13 countries. But, no matter where he was in the world, his heart and passion always returned to Mozambique.

Avid photographer, videographer and speaker, Arnie does photoshoots on location in Mozambique, including drones, to capture footage that he uses to do fundraising in churches, person to person, and online. To say that he is passionate about the people of Mozambique—and providing clean, safe water to Mozambique’s impoverished people—would be an understatement.

Just a question to him about Mozambique will elicit his broad smile, then tears, as he begins to share the need for clean water.


W4L MOZ Team Members

Board of Directors

Arnie Eastburn, President/CEO
Joann Eastburn, Secretary
Craig Esterly, Chairman
Bob Lehman
Carol Lehman
RJ McConnell
Karla McConnell
Dwight Ott
Gloria Ott
John Wallace
Margot Wallace
Bill Winters

Mozambique Team

Raul Diole, Project Director
Latim Rendiceo Nherrezonanda, Pres. Assistant/Interpreter
Bernacio Pedro Nove, Public Relations & Promotion
Antonio Saide Fernando, Field Director
Candido Humberto, Project Mechanic
Moises Mesa Quembo, Machine Operator
Jaime Ossifo Selgane, Project Mason
Lourenco Pedro Soares, Machine Operator
Levi Dos Santos, Mason Master

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Why Us?

We first dreamed about ways we could be a help to Mozambique with Orai and Linda Lehman (newly retired career missionaries to Mozambique in 2013). Initially we formed a nonprofit organization that was broader in scope. Water wells were not our only focus.

By 2015, a Board of Directors had been established, and our mission had changed to focus only on drilling water wells in Mozambique, Africa.

Why Water?

Arnie took a mission trip to the Maganja da Costa district of Mozambique in 2003.

It was there that a personal experience that spoke to him of just how precious water is.

See the details of that experience by clicking here.

Why Mozambique?

Mozambique ranks as the world’s 2nd poorest country. Clean water is a basic human need. Yet, without drilled water wells in their villages, women and girls are destined to walk all day every day—all of their lives—to fetch the only water they can find: dirty, contaminated water that must suffice for their families’ daily needs.

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How, Where, and When

How we decide what villages to drill in next:

  • Our Country Director is Raul Diole. Requests for new water wells come to him.

  • Diole goes out to the village and together they fill out an application.

  • Information gathered includes GPS location, number of people, number of homes, distance from a dirty water source and a clean water source. Based on the urgency of their need and the proximity of other villages nearby that also need a well, the well for the village visited goes into a queue.

We drill on church properties.

  • It is our intent to put the church in the position to give clean, safe drinking water to their community.

  • This approach works for many reasons. Because the church is the entity offering the clean water, villagers have goodwill towards the church. As a result, they listen more readily to the Good News the church is teaching.

  • Each village has a Well Committee chosen from members of the village’s church. Those members are individuals that can be counted on to take their responsibility seriously. They are trained on the parts of the pump and how to repair it. Supplies are left with the church. They can contact Raul if help from Water4Life Mozambique is needed.

We drill when funds are available.

  • Drilling is being done all year long, as funds are available.

  • 100% of donations given to water wells, go to drill new water wells.

  • W4LMoz overhead expenses are covered by our Board of Directors.

 With a water well in their village, these ladies would be spending their day at home, safe from predators, both human and animal.

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A drilled water well in Aya’s village will allow her to:

  • Go to school every day.

  • Get an education instead of marrying early, and having children too early.

  • Get a job that will give her an income.

  • Be in charge of her own future.

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 W4L Moz Board of Directors are committed to giving water and sharing Jesus with those who thirst .

Pictured: Arnie Eastburn, President; and Board Members Bill Winters, RJ McConnell, and Bob Lehman.

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You help us give the
children a future!

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Adults know that the new water well means a healthy future for their boys and girls.

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160,800 people in
rural villages
now have
clean, safe

Each wells serves approximately 1200 people .

It’s a Life-Changer. . .

This is the first time: Seeing clean water.
Tasting clean water.

Everyone will remember this moment for the rest of their lives.

You can give a gift that will change lives forever!

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W4L Moz drilling team.
They work hard to make clean, safe water possible.

This is personal.
Their wives and daughters have walked miles for years, every day, to fetch dirty water.

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W4L Moz Partners


Dwight, board member and Rotarian, experienced firsthand how clean water improves lives…

Latim, President’s Assistant/Interpreter,
is also a Rotarian in the Maputo, Mozambique Rotary Club.

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“Focus on one thing and do it with excellence.”

—Arnie Eastburn

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