Honors and Memorials

We are deeply grateful to the families who have chosen to honor their loved ones by making donations to Water4Life Mozambique. Their generosity not only offers comfort during a difficult time, but also creates a lasting tribute that will continue to make a difference to the families and villages we help in Mozambique.

If you would like to donate funds for water well(s) in memory of, or in honor of a loved one, please go to our DONATE page and fill out an honor request. You can choose the phrase (under field to put in the amount of donation) “Give in honor or in memory.” Be sure to include your phone number and an email address. You will be contacted and asked to provide a picture and words to honor your loved one.

If you have any questions about memorial and honorary giving, please do not hesitate to contact us at +1-317-459-2561 or arnie@water4lifemozambique.org

We are truly grateful for the thoughtful generosity of our donors. Below, you will find a list of those we have recently been honored with memorial and honorary donations.

Please note that out of respect for the families' privacy, we will only list names with their prior permission. If you wish to have your loved one's name included, please contact us at the information above.

Thank you once again for your kindness and support.

In Memory / Honor of

In memorium of John W. Newman

John W. Newman

Diane Smiech donated $10,000 towards the drilling of water wells in memorium of: John W. Newman, Diane’s oldest son, and brother to Ben and Nick Newman.John was born on Veteran’s Day 1979 and passed away on the 4th of July 2020.

John was a civil engineer in Florida and specialized in storm water management. He was all about water. He would have been thrilled to know of this water ministry that provides both clean water for rural villages and shares the Good News that Jesus is our Savior.

John knew well the effects of too much water, as well as the need for clean water, in order to live. More importantly, John knew of the need of Jesus to change a life such as his own.

One of John’s favorite verses was Psalm 27:13, “I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.” We are confident that John is seeing God’s goodness.

Our prayer is that John W. Newman will always be remembered by this donation, which epitomizes his overarching life goals: to give clean water and to share Jesus.


In memorium of Diana Beaty

Diane Beaty

The Beaty family donated new water wells given in loving memory of Diana Beaty, the matriarch of her family.

Her husband, Bill, wrote,
"Diana was the kindest and most loving person we have ever known. She was such a strong influence, not just on our family, but on everyone she talked with. Her impact on this world while she was here was truly incredible. We would like to continue this impact by donating, in her name, to Water4Life Mozambique. Diana really loved the people of Mozambique, especially the children. We can't think of a better way to honor her than to use what God has blessed us with to help others. Thank you for the work you are doing in the lives of so many people."

We thank you, Beaty family, for honoring Diana by giving a donation that others might enjoy clean, safe water that will, for generations, bless their Mozambican community, especially the children, because they will have a healthier life ahead of them. Diana would be so happy to be honored in this way.


In Memory/Honor of

A. C. McDonald
Alex Smith
Amber Eastburn
Arnie Eastburn
Blake & Will Allender
Bob & Carol Lehman - Cedar Rapids, IA
Bridgeprep Academy Riverview Charter school
Carol & Kay Gibson
David W Broach
Donald and Elaine Stout
Dwight Ott
Edna Burkett
Ernie W Lehman
Fernado Neves
Grandpa Brue
Helen Zell
Iron Men Group at Deep Creek Community Church
Jim and Marge Henderson
Joann Eastburn
John A Eastburn
Karla Gerner
Katheryn Miller Geraci
Keelin Berman
Kylie Schreiber
Lorrie Jane Geiser
Margot Baker
Mat Lucas of Our Daily Bread
Momma Heidi
Norbert Yager
Paul Blaine
Rob and Sandy Wibbeler
Rosie VanValkenburg
Shelby Rotary
Villas Wesleyan Church / Wetherbee
Wilma Jean Smith

Plaques in Honor or Memory of Donors (click picture to view individual image)

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