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Donate Today and Help Support Bring Fresh Drinking Water to the People of Mozambique

Your gift will change their lives!

Every child deserves clean water to drink. As you see the pencil in the little girl's mouth, she is one of the lucky ones that can go to school each day!  No more long, dangerous walks fetching dirty water. With a water well in their village, girls remain safe. They'll get an education!  Clean water changes everything!

We offer a number of options on this page for you or your organization to support Water4Life Mozambique. From traditional cash donations, to stock donations, crypto currency donations, and we can even help you plan a fundraising campaign for your community or employees. We have a step-by-step instruction sheet to help with every step of creating a campaign.

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Support the Regular Servicing and Maintenance of Water Wells

Well Maintenance Team, Bernacio and Mr Saide with new motorbike

Support the regular water well maintenance program for the servicing and repair of the water wells that Water4Life Mozambique creates in the villages of Mozambique. We have a full-time water well maintenance service team, Bernacio and Mr. Saide (see picture). W4LifeMoz supplies the service team with a motorcycle, giving them easy access to the water wells, which are mostly only accessible by dirt tracks.

Donate to the Well Maintenance Program

For a small donation of just $25 per month you will be covering the monthly cost of maintenance and servicing of one water well for one village, guaranteeing that that village will not lose access to fresh drinking water due to the failure of the village's water well.

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Donate Today and Help Support Bring Fresh Drinking Water to the People of Mozambique

Support the Construction of a Complete Water Well in One Village

Today you can help make a difference... as you donate to provide our next village water well! Give the gift of clean, safe drinking water by donating the full cost of a well.

Each water well costs $6,900 to drill and build. Help us drill the next village water wells to provide clean, safe drinking water for approximately 1,200 men, women, and children per well. By donating for construction of a whole water well, you will be helping to supply a village with their own sustainable water supply. If you want, we will also add a plaque to the well's pump with your name, or perhaps the name of a friend or family member that you would like to honor. The cost to add the plaque is $100.

This is also a great for a corporate sponsorship or a church or community fundraising activity project. You can start a Peer2Peer Fundraising campaign with your company or community to raise the $6900 for a complete water well in a village.

Donate Today to Fund a Complete Water Well

We Also Accept Stock Donations

Contributing stocks can be an even more powerful way to support our cause. It provides valuable resources to Water4Life Mozambique INC. and offers you potential tax benefits by avoiding capital gains taxes that might otherwise apply when selling those stocks.

When you donate shares directly instead of converting them to cash, you amplify the impact of your gift by an impressive 20%. Your support helps us drill more water wells and ensures that more villages in Zambezia and Mozambique gain access to clean water for drinking, washing, and cooking.

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