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Don’t Drink the Water!

Pastor Abel Nove finds out that drinking water in rural villages in Mozambique can bring consequences.

Pastor Abel Nove drinks unsafe water and pays the price.
Pastor Abel Nove, church planting pastor in the capital city of Nampula, drinks unsafe water in a village, and pays the price.

He tells us his story:

"I left the capital city of Nampula to visit a rural village, Namuali. On the road, I met up with Marta, a young woman from the village. Marta is a young mother of 4, and is 8 months pregnant. She had left her home 2 hours before dawn and was returning 5 hours later, having walked 2.6 miles to the Mulapane river. I noticed her feet looked swollen and painful. While walking together, she told me: "Pastor, it seems like we are doomed. The only water we have is in the same river where animals drink and bathe. My Aunt Martha died from diarrhea caused by drinking contaminated water. My family suffers from it, too. When will our punishment end?"

Arriving at the village, I realized I was parched. I wasn’t thinking when I asked for a glass of water (we have cleaner water back in Nampula). When the glass was placed in my hand, the water was so dirty it looked as cloudy as condensed milk. To be polite, I drank it.

Immediately upon arriving back in Nampula, I went to the hospital for treatment of diarrhea caused by that one glass of water. (Diarrhea left untreated can be fatal). My son Eli asked me, "Dad, how long will our friends have to suffer like this? Can anyone help us find the answer?"

Many people die each year (over 2,000), mostly children, because of unsafe water.

Friends, you are the answer! We thank YOU for your water well donations. 100% goes towards providing clean, safe water for the rural villages in northern Mozambique.

Lives are changed forever, one well at a time!

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